Learn Coping Mechanisms for Depression: Heal it Naturally

According to the World Health Organization, as of January 2020, more than 264 million people (including all ages) were depressed. In times where life is running faster than you can it is easy to succumb to the pressures of life and fall prey to depression.


In my experience, I have seen so many who have been depressed at one or the other point of their lives. And believe it or not, there is still so much taboo and shame attached to mental illness.


Despite that fact, there are millions of people who also seek medication and therapy to come out of depression. As most of you realize what a time-taking and full or trials this process can be, what most of you don’t realize is how much daily habits and coping mechanisms for depression help in overcoming depression as I talk about it in my book Destruction Cycles. And things that are most important often seem the most difficult to do.


But, trust me for my experience with so many patients I have worked with and studied. There are alternative treatments for depression and it is possible to ease depression with the help of certain simple daily habits.


Here are some simple, tried, and tested ways to treat depression that I have had my patients incorporate in their daily lives. Most patients feel that the quality of life improved with such simple changes.

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Coping Mechanisms for Depression


Find a Support you can Rely on


The nearest support is people around you: family and friends. Moral and emotional support is important at this point. It always helps to confide your problems in someone who makes an effort to understand and offers to help.


If no one is available closeby, make sure you keep connecting to people on the phone. Talking your heart out is one of the best natural ways to help fight depression.


Here’s some help:


       ●     Talk to a friend or family member who has an open mind

       ●     Keep a pet if you can.

       ●     Join a group of people who are going through similar problems as you. There are ample online.

       ●     When you can, lift others who are in depression. Empathy is a great uplifter.

       ●     Get professional help in case other things don’t seem to help at all.


Take Adequate Rest/Sleep


The human body needs 6 to 8 hours of sleep/restfulness each night. Doing that not only keeps your body functioning but also your brain active, helping you cope better with depression.


Regulating the time and amount of  everyday sleep/rest is in fact one of the best natural remedies for depression.


Here’s some help:


       ●     Get 6-8 hours of sleep, preferably at night.

       ●     DO NOT oversleep either. It may aggravate depression.

       ●     Keep stress triggers like too much screen time and caffeine late at night in check.

       ●     Practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing, or guided meditation. You can easily find tutorials online.


Keep your Diet Healthy


Yes, your diet has a direct impact on your mental health. If your diet is rich in trans fat, or you are having too much caffeine and alcohol, your depression may be triggered and it will be difficult to come out of it.


Eating the right food may not seem to be of so much importance at a point where feeling mentally better is the primary concern, however, ignoring your diet has dire repercussions. In fact, binge eating is known to be one of the most popular coping mechanisms for depression that people develop over time. Unfortunately, it makes things worse.


Here’s some help:


       ●     Do not skip meals, especially breakfast. Eat small portions so you have something light every 2-3 hours.

       ●     Refined carbs like baked products, and sugary foods are not meant for you. Minimize it as much as possible.

       ●     Supplement with Vitamin B complex, especially Folic Acid and B12 which can prove to be potent alternative treatments for depression.

       ●     Also include omega 3 fatty acids which are present in foods like herring, salmon, mackerel, sardines, walnuts, flaxseed, etc.


Pump Some Adrenaline


Do you notice that the most successful people in the world are also physically fit? Because physical fitness also improves mental health. Having an active routine can help you come out of depression sooner than otherwise.


Physical exercise causes the brain to release adrenaline and dopamine which make you feel good. Getting at least 30 minutes of exercise (in any form) per day can help you immensely.


Here’s some help:


       ●     Find a physical activity that doesn’t tear you down. Be it yoga, zumba, brisk walking, or exercising. Do it and stick with it.

       ●     Find an exercise partner if you will. It helps boost the morale when you have healthy competition and support.

       ●     If you have a dog, make sure you take the charge of walking it twice or thrice a day.


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Soak up Some Sun


Direct exposure to sunlight is known to boost serotonin levels in the brain, thus helping in alleviation of mood. It also helps synthesize vitamin D in the body naturally. Vitamin D is believed to act as one of the alternative treatments for depression because it books cognitive function.


Soaking up some sun daily for 15-20 minutes can work wonders to help you cope as you try to come out of depression.


Here’s some help:


       ●     Get some morning sun regularly, every day for a minimum of 15 minutes, especially during the winter.

       ●     You may consider using light therapy if you live in a place that doesn’t see much sun.

       ●     Try seeing more natural light everyday. If you work in a place that has no natural light, take breaks to come outside in natural light.

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Karen Litinsky MpsyD RMT

Author of Destruction Cycle

Co-Creator of Ego-Less meditation app (www.ego-less.me)

Owner of Paradise of Reality (www.paradiseofreality.com)