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Piercing through negative thoughts

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

By Karen R Litinsky, photo by: Gabriel on Unsplash

“Ah! I just can’t get out of my head. My thoughts are so negative. I just need a break from myself.” If this is you today, this blog is exactly what the metaphysical doctor ordered.

When our thoughts are spinning us out of control, it is sooo beneficial to create a break in the negative flow. Because if we don’t interrupt negative thoughts, they snowball and gain a life of their own. This is when we feel like a reactive bASkeT case, letting our emotions aimlessly toss us all over the place, leaving our “best self” miles back in the dust.

On a podcast I recently did with our incredible physiotherapist Maureen Brouwer, she talked about how any emotion you are experiencing will pass and dissipate within 90 seconds, as long as you don’t feed it with thoughts. We chatted about how emotions need mental activity to stay alive in us. Like a lit match, searching for a candle wick. When it can’t find a host, it fizzles out.

If your mind is battling life today, take a “thought-nap”. A thought-nap is a quick break in your stream of thoughts, where instead of thinking, you concentrate heavily on something specific. This break in thought gives negative emotion a chance to fizzle out, offering you an opportunity to refocus your mind so that you can begin to see beyond what you were seeing before. A brief emotional reset.

Yes, this is Meditation in its simplicity. It helps you momentarily retreat from the negativity so that you can initiate what I call in the Destruction Cycle book, a “channel change” (a concept my dad taught me as a kid). Literally, like when there's a show on TV that you don’t wanna watch, you switch up the channel and watch something else… When you don’t like what your mind is yapping away about, take a moment of silence to regroup and then change the topic in your mind.

I have created a nice short video meditation to help you with this. Under two minutes (you're welcome;). It uses your sense of sight as a tool to escape thoughts so that you can get traction in your mind and detach from negative flow.

GOAL: Focus completely on this video and give yourself just over a minute of pure inner quiet. Fully commit. Ignore every judgement, impulse, distraction, reminder of stressors – just for this little reset. Give your mind a quick wholesome break from activity. Be an impartial viewer and allow each mini video clip to reflect right into your brain without being tainted by thought. Be in a mindless state. Just absorb.


You may not notice any dramatic change immediately; it is a subtle shift. However, the more you do this, the more holes you poke through the negativity, and the easier you'll be able to redirect your mind/ego and change your channel. (Your ego is that noise maker inside of your head that will continuously bring up whatever issues are triggering you).

Watch this video as many times as you need. Each little “nap” adds up, helping you gain more and more control of your mind, and therefore your day.

Be patient and forgiving with yourself as you manually work towards changing your channel. We all have days when we feel our mind has the best of us, especially when we are going through a destruction cycle – which seems like a whole endless series of negativity. And if you have a hunch that you're gonna need a lot more than a short “thought-nap” video to help you change your channel, you can get your copy of the Destruction Cycle book at McNally Robinson or on Amazon:

Otherwise, I hope this little video has helped you pierce through the veil of negativity today. For more meditations download the FREE Ego-Less meditation app!

Talk soon,

Karen Litinsky

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