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11 Tips to change your energy today

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

By Karen Litinsky, author of Destruction Cycles, co-creator of Ego-Less

Some days just feel damned. Our energy is off, our mind doesn’t have any traction, our emotions are out-of-whack and all-around we just feel like we are swimming upstream. And when this happens, the easiest thing to do is write off the day, go with the negative flow and let the current take us down – thinking “tomorrow will be a better day”. But as I’m sure you’ve experienced from time to time during your lifespan – even the baddest of “bad days” have potential to change beat and become something else.

Every emotional state has the ability to turn around (…even without the aid of sleep). No matter how powerful a bad mood seems, mood is always flexible. The Einstein in us knows that energy is always transforming. And we can assist in the process. So here are some natural, unconventional tips that can help you manually start tweaking your energy and brighten up your day!

1. First of all, be open to your day becoming better. The more attached you are to the story that “today sucks” the more that story will prove itself right. So loosen your grip on any doomed beliefs for today and give yourself permission to be pleasantly surprised by how much a day can turn around. No matter how much you have to do today, how little sleep you got last night, or how annoyed you are at your computer… you can still have a good day today. Allowing yourself to consider this possibility will immediately give today another chance.

2. As the stress response that a “bad day” beats into us increases, so does our tunnel vision. Physically and mentally. We hyper-focus on limitation and get stuck in our small mind, our ego mind. So gently free yourself from negative lockdown by making an effort to see more of what’s around you. Widen your peripherals. If your walking, expand your vision beyond the sidewalk to see what else is quietly lurking around you. Notice the trees, the sky, the open space around you. Notice the flowers in your house that are hiding behind your kids mess. Notice the happy conversation that the two women behind you are having as you impatiently wait for your late bus at the bus stop. This quick easy shift unconstricts your mind, softens your perception and unbuckles psychological tension.

3. Give yourself an inner break. Cut ties with those obnoxious coulds and shoulds. Find the sweet spot between thinking about the future and thinking about the past. Yes, you got it. That sweet spot means returning to the present. Even if the present isn’t all that sexy right now. Just engage in where you really are. Find your good'ol loyal breath and take it for a ride. Breathing is always such a fantastic way to join in where life is actually happening. Let your breath anchor you in real-time and give you those mili-second breaks from the rat-race.

4. Do something that you weren’t going to do today because you “didn’t feel like it”. Make your bed, wash your car, return the wrong package you ordered from amazon, reorganize your junk drawer, go for lunch with your old roommate, send out that email you’ve been procrastinating on – whatever. Just do something you were going to avoid today because you weren’t in the mood. This is a simple little manual mood-change. By choosing to do this despite how you feel, automatically adjusts your feelings.

5. Eat one raw superfood. Just one. Unless you want to eat more of course. But at least just one. Grab a raw carrot, order the side salad, or add spinach to your smoothie. Go the extra mile to add wholesome energy into your body. The more colorful the better. This not only changes your alkaline levels – which greatly affects your hormones, but every bite is also a bite into more energy. We really are what we eat. I’ll be posting a free video this spring on an “energy diet”, subscribe if you want to know when it comes out!

6. Interact with living creatures, humans, animals, plants, and any other living creature you can find. Physical energy exchange is a sure way to change up energy. Make eye contact with the Starbucks barista, smile at the small child starring you down as you awkwardly eat your lunch, go to that meet-up group you were humming and hawing over tonight – just get up and out of the house and let the energy of others re-energize you. And FYI virtual interactions hardly count. Until we become more robot than living organism, we need real-life, in the flesh, beyond the screen contact to genuinely transfer energy and significantly boost oxytocin (happy hormone).

7. Decide to quit complaining, conversing with complainers, and thinking of reasons to complain. Instead, rise above the temptations to bitch and focus on something else. What we focus on expands. Don’t look at what you don’t want to grow. This is a point I talk about in depth in my Destruction Cycle book because it is a very crucial element to shift our reality.

Whatever we look directly at becomes magnified for us. So decide not to hang out in the complaint department all day by making the effort to fill your experience with something positive, or at least something neutral:)

Below are few more easy, obvious suggestions:

8. Do a meditation. Gain control of your mind so that you can reset yourself. Once we deliberately channel our attention, the ability to re-channel our energy gets much easier. There are many free meditation apps out there. But if you want a starting point, download the free Ego-Less app, go to Happiness Island, and click on "quiet egoless happiness" meditation. It's a really good simple, short (5:30 mins), and FREE meditation I created for beginners. But really, nearly any meditation will help you gain control over your thoughts and boost your level of consciousness, especially with repetition.

9. Move your body. Light up your systems, take in fresh oxygen, circulate your energy and burn some calories while you’re at it. Get on the treadmill, run up and down the stairs 5 times, pump some iron, park far away from the grocery store and speeeedwalk into the store like your cars going to explode behind you. Find simple methods to be active. Get your heart rate up and sweat out that old stale energy. The more energy you burn, the more new energy can come in.

10. Hydrate the yellow urine out of yourself. The more water you can ingest, the more toxins and energetic waste you will expel. I’m always amazed by how magical water can be. When I think I’m starting to get the afternoon fatigue, I guzzle a glass or two of water, wait 20 mins and forget all about my nap fantasies. It’s such a cool experiment that everyone should try. Just see for yourself!

11. Trick yourself into better energy. Hijack your neural activity by smiling, laughing, listen to upbeat music, softening your eyes, dancing, sighing like you’re incredibly relaxed, watching a funny video - do all the things the happy-you would be doing. I’ll help with this one by creating an uplifting video meditation soon (check in or subscribe on the homepage of this blog if you want to know when I get this up and runnin’). Fake a good mood til you make a good mood. Sure it feels unnatural on a day that seems utterly destined to be unenjoyable, but at least give today a fair shot. You deserve to have a really good day, despite whatever happened. As you slow down, quiet your mind, and initiate an inner cheer-up, you will begin to see just how powerful you really are in your own life.

Now of course, if you are in a full-fledge destruction cycle, these tips will only go so far, especially if you are in what I call “The Pause.” when life basically stops and we are just doing everything we can to survive. Please read my last blog to help you more if this is your case, or get your copy of the Destruction Cycle book on Amazon/Kindle:

Otherwise, I hope you’ve found these tips helpful and usable! Please share this blog with anyone you think could use an energetic boost today!

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