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What is a "destruction cycle"? And why I wrote the book.

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

By Karen Litinsky

First of all, what’s a destruction cycle?

If you feel like you have taken the last hit you can take from life, and then WHAM smoked with another punch – you are in a destruction cycle, my friend. Yes, a destruction cycle. They happen to us when we reach a critical time for change, and in order to “rough us in” for all of the spectacular newness – we must be completely demo’d first. All of the old shit that doesn’t belong to who-we-are-supposed-to-become will get sledgehammered to the ground. And as you may have already noticed, it sucks while it’s happening. It HURTS. And at times during a destruction cycle we feel utterly D.E.S.T.R.O.Y.E.D. We get pushed to our pain limits – and then pushed more.

The more it hurts, the bigger the change… AND the more potential for reconstruction.

As much as it seems like during a destruction cycle, life is squashing us, really life is biggering us. And if we can push through the harsh, chaotic wisdom and grow from all of the pain, we can become this expansive, gianormis, more evolved version of ourselves after the cycle. Which is the really cool part that doesn’t always seem obvious when we’re smack-dab in the middle of it.

This book that I am launching soon (…still waiting on the printing company!?) is all about this process. It is a guide to help you through a destruction cycle, adjust your perspective while in it, leverage all of the hidden value in it, and use this seemingly less-than-optimal time in your life to optimize yourself. The journey through the pages is really a journey to turn destruction into wildly awesome self-reconstruction.

Why I wrote the book.

Destruction Cycle was inspired early in 2019, when I personally hit a hard-core destruction cycle myself. I was struck with an unusual, nutritionally-induced, delayed post-partum depression of some sort that is still quite a mystery to me, however, I secretly believe it was a gift to conceive this book… Anyhow, I became suddenly, and brutally familiar with mental illness and experienced my first real glimpse of inner agony. God. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through in my life. Hands down. And the only way I could productively comprehend what was happening to me, was to call it a destruction cycle and figure out what the hell that meant, how the heck to get through it and most importantly, HOW TO GET OUTTA IT.

So I began to use my many years of meditation, my “expertise” in metaphysical psych, and ego-less experience to navigate through it and organically find a way to transcend the destruction. And I feel like I did very well, excitingly well actually. Within two-to-three months of studying myself and testing many different inner-methods to “crack the code” on the dark cycle, I was able to bring myself full circle and into full-fledge reconstruction. Positive energy started filtering back in, and by summer 2019 I was back to my normal, happy, sane self again.

In a nutshell, I did this by breaking the cycle down into four parts, four seasons – that I now call the Four Phases of a destruction cycle… The Trust Phase, The Protection Phase, The Discovery Phase, and The Action Phase. Each phase is very different and requires a contrasting approach. Each phase can help you heal in a special way. And if harnessed well, each phase can become a unique growth spurt. And by deliberately moving through the four phases, you can get a handle on the destruction cycle and speed up the entire process. You can turn it around and use the power of it to empower yourself.

…I still feel emotion when I think about how dark that time was for me, but in the same breath, it also blows my mind to have experienced for myself how resilient we humans are. It’s fucking incredible. In less than a year we can energetically bounce from -35 degrees to +35 degrees. Just like Winnipeg! It’s so extreme that unless you’ve lived through it, you wouldn’t believe it’s possible. Which is why I am passionately releasing this book that is so dear to my heart and soul. My ego is terrified lol, because although this book is for the most part about you, the reader, I do share the full depth of my destruction cycle story in it and most people had no clue that I went through this. So 2020 is my humble year of emotional nudity, putting it out there for all to see. And this is very liberating in a way. Because destruction cycles happen to everyone. They are all around us and our lives are built around them. I strongly believe that as we share our stories and our pain and our truth and our solutions, together we can get a leg-up on destruction in life and collectively convert weakness into strength.

Thanks for reading this and being curious about the book! I truly appreciate it. Please share this with anyone that you know that’s going through a destruction cycle. The book is now up on Amazon and Kindle to purchase, click here if your copy!

Copies are also available at McNally's on Grant in Winnipeg, MB, Canada if you prefer to shop locally;)

Karen Litinsky

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